Brand Buzz brings insights & innovation events & experiential marketing experience, creating right impact and mindspace for considerations. We help clients communicate their USP, features with potential customers at various touchpoints right from event venue, malls, airports, highways, corporate parks, schools, housing societies. Experiences amplified across traditional media, fm radio, mobile platforms, online & digital media.

We implement customer experience solutions that cut through the clutter & transform regular events & activation in long lasting experiences. From event management, to technology solutions, logistics & fulfillment, interactive marketing, channel/retail marketing, rural marketing and production management.



Blending business and marketing strategy, behavioral psychology, and retail design to find true, actionable insights and create the springboards to beautiful, meaningful work.


Experience Design

Hybrid creatives working in agile teams to craft powerful, human experiences for every kind of retail environment. We want you to play, not just press play.



From script to final edit, our experienced, broadcast-quality studio team can produce static, motion, and live action content for any screen. And with a process honed over 10 years, we can work as fast as you do.



Understanding the perception and reaction to every piece of work we publish ensures we improve every time. Measurement is both the beginning and end of our circular creative process.

Branding at its best.
Inspiration, resources, and thoughts.

It’s hard to define good branding, entire books have been written on the topic, and there is still no magic trick to it. We know that a good corporate doesn’t have to be complicated, should be coherent, and that it should stay in your customer’s brain. The good thing about being a designer nowadays is that you don’t need to convince your clients of the importance of branding. Everyone knows that branding can make or break a business.

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